The wood market – furniture and related components – is undergoing profound market changes resulting from a growing retail component and the deep configuration nature that has always characterized the sector’s history. Obviously, market innovations must be integrated with the classic ways of selling furniture (contractors), which can be simplified into pure job order management.


Competition is based more and more on the quality level, but customer service and production efficiency issues cannot be left behind and are strongly influenced by effective supplier relationships and potentially still highly crafted execution processes.


The management of new and old business models must be aligned with consistent product development, but above all, with an innovative approach to supply chain processes: from demand forecasting to supply chain integration, generating strategic production and supply plans (without forgetting the issue of warehousing).

sedApta covers all the needs of the sector: from demand management issues to retail order allocation, from competitive system planning to operational development of the production process with a focus on quality control issues.

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