The Smart Factory of Fratelli Guzzini

What are the trends in Supply Chain evolution? And what are the advantages and the functionalities of the sedApta Suite?

The scenery of the Guzzini factory confirms that the company, thanks to the implementation of sedApta solutions, has  optimized and improved its supply chain processes.

“I believe that all companies that look to the future must strive for efficiency today, and each production area must strive for this same efficiency for a very simple reason: to then devote all of these resources to the consumer. At this point Demand Planning becomes a fundamental requirement, as it allows us to be successful on various fronts: firstly economic success because it clearly manages to improve performance and sales, followed by success relating to our profits and losses, to competition, to improving our time to market, as well as organizational and cultural success, because when we use an approach in which every business function is involved, we can positively influence the entire organizational culture. ” (Sergio Grasso – CEO)

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