Digital Transformation?

Be ready with O.S.A.!

Manufacturing companies that want to compete and better deal with the increasing volatility and globalization of marketplaces and scenarios need to transform in order to become ever more and more agile and flexible. But without a real transformation of the processes and people, technology will not be enough. The sedApta’s O.S.A. innovative platform is the right answer!

Through Orchestrator you can orchestrate new to be processes, task and activities, modelling and executing them through standard workflows expressed in BPMN notation and application interfaces. With Skillaware you can then effectively drive the digital transformation, supporting Your workforce that need to perform new processes, tasks and activities during the adoption phase for new software systems and applications within the organizations. Finally, Analytics that allows companies to retrieve big data from any source in order to asses the execution, report ROI and drive continuous manufacturing and supply chain process improvement.

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