sedApta Group subsidiaries are important resources contributing to the performance of the company both in sedApta Business Units and in affecting its performance via capability development in technology and market expansion within the Group.


Thanks to the acquisition of Osys, the French leader for MES, the sedApta group sets its sights on the French market and completes its offering in the Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain space. Osys’s activities and capabilities will further be strengthened by the synergy provided by sedApta both in France and internationally.


advenco, a German company with headquarters in Giessen and specializing in Manufacturing IT systems and the German subsidiary of the sedApta group merged together to create a new company: sedApta advenco GmbH. The sedApta group can leverage the expertise on the sedApta Suite developed by advenco in recent years thanks to the two companies’ collaboration on several innovative projects.


sedApta concept is a strong, well-run, customer-focused organization industry-leading solutions that are unsurpassed in design, function fit. Starting from April, the 1st 2018 sedApta concept will continue the TXTMake business, distributing in the German market TXTMake products under license, providing maintenance and support services as well as professional services and making further product developments.