sedApta Labs

high specialized centers

The sedApta Labs are a network of highly specialized software development centers located around Europe with systems design, development and integration skills in Manufacturing IT.

To date the sedApta Labs network groups over 300 skilled professionals who have designed and developed all the components of the sedApta Suite and have helped to successfully deploy more than 300 manufacturing IT projects worldwide.  The team represents a vast range of experience across the full Manufacturing lifecycle from Supply Chain to Plant Operations Planning,Management & Scheduling, including MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management), MES(Manufacturing Execution Systems) and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems. The sedApta Labs are also engaged in the current EU R&D framework and maintain strong ties with European Universities and IT stakeholders.


The Genoa sedApta Lab groups skilled professionals for the deployment, roll out and training of the sedApta Suite modules and solutions. It also has multi-year experience in Business Process Analysis, Business Intelligence and Manufacturing Operations Optimization certified on the main ERP, MOM, MES & SCADA systems on the market.

Sestri Levante

The Sestri Levante sedApta Lab is dedicated to the design and development of the workflow based performance support, documentation and intelligence components of the sedApta Suite. The Lab is participating in new Factory of the Future proposals within the EU R&D H2020 work programs also addressing 3d Printing, Internet of Things and Wearable Computing.


The Giessen sedApta Lab, near the German industrial area of Frankfurt, groups skilled professionals for the local support, deployment, roll out and training of all the sedApta Suite modules and solutions. It also has multi-year experience in designing and delivering mobile, wearable and location based solutions for plant based data collection and operator support.


The Savona sedApta Lab was born from the NICIM company, a leading Italian manufacturing IT developer with over 25 years experience in the design, development, testing and upgrade of software components for Supply Chain Optimisation, Plant Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control. Today the NICIM components are fully integrated in the sedApta suite.