sedApta has been restructured in recent years in order to best put its strategy and methodological approach into practice, specialising its team of consultants by sectors of activity.

This focus allows us to deeply understand our customers’ needs and to propose a series of specific market solutions for each product sector to which they belong, preparing best practices and developing a series of standard catalogues.

Together with the best practices acquired through analyses, their use allows us to develop fast, replicable implementations to maximise our customers’ investments.




Management by Industry

sedApta has gained considerable experience in projects across all industries but has focused its organization on the following vertical markets to be more effective and distinctive for vertical needs.

With this in mind, it has established an industry-based approach, organizing a team of consultants specialized by industry sector. This enables the company to address customers’ needs in a more conscious and effective way by analysing market needs and addressing them in a structured manner.

This approach has enabled solution pathways to be built for every single process in order to be more reactive in implementing the solution. The flexible schematization of best practices makes it possible not to start from scratch in the analysis phase every time, while freely managing differences.

Best practices

Best practices management is supported by the ongoing development of a series of vertical E2E solutions that aim to cover specific processes and/or problems in order to effectively address typical industry problems.


See the best practices by industrial sector:

sedApta’s best practices are a combination of specific functionalities on a single theme, for example the management of missing items in manufacturing companies that work Make-to-Order.

These are based on the use of standard catalogues for managing the collaborative process and dashboards that highlight the main KPIs, always in a simulative perspective and based on what-if analyses.

Standard Catalogues

The definition of rapid implementation paths (best practices) goes hand in hand with the possibility of using sedApta technology to improve company collaboration, structuring the processes through the use of pre-configured workflow catalogues and the support of dynamic dashboards based on the simulations carried out in order to evaluate their effects on the rest of the organisation.

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