Order Promising

Finite capacity customer order dating

Optimize inventory management by calculating the right levels of stock and availability in the matter of demand

Order Promising is a finite-capacity order dating tool that provides a complete picture of supply and demand, taking into consideration the availability of stock, production plans and distribution rules configured by customers.

Main features of finite capacity dating 

  • Proposes customer order delivery dates, analyzing warehouse availability and the master production schedule
  • Logically partitions warehouse availability, using service lanes and avoiding product uptake between different customer orders
  • Configures sort and allocation rules at any aggregation level (e.g. sales channel, customer, family or item)
  • Manages shortage situations by using a scalable library of fair share policies
  • Forces proposed date, coverage composition and executes manual allocation and de-allocation
  • Simulates different business scenarios and assesses them through a set of standard configurable KPIs

Benefits of a finite capacity dating tool

Using a tool like the Order Promising module brings a long list of benefits to the company:

  • Service level improvement
  • Stock level control and reduction
  • Inventory cost reduction
  • Standard rules for order fulfilment
  • Sales force rationalization
  • Transportation rationalization

Order Promising is the sedApta Suite tool crucial to organizing customer orders. It has three functionality:

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Customer Orders Fulfilment

Arranges customer order delivery dates based on interactive simulations characterized by service-level assignment criteria and heuristics that verify inventory availability and production plans in the processing, production and supply stages.

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Heuristics Management

Supports the formation and definition of different sorting rules, including required delivery date, status, priority, any penalties and transportation constraints.

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Interactive Forcing

Through an advanced and assisted GUI platform, allows manual order fulfilment (partial, split or total), and action on process allocation outcomes.

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Optimizing Sales & Operational Planning is, in today’s demand-driven markets, key to enable companies to reach their business goals. If your company aims to achieve “best-in-class” performance and surpass the industry competition, it must be able to implement an efficient business S&OP process, which will only be as effective as the technology it utilizes.


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