Financial Throughput & Operations Planning


The variability of demand and markets and the unpredictability of the events that affect supply chains more frequently require greater responsiveness and agility, combined with a focus on critical points of the entire Supply Chain, in order to ensure, at the same time, market responsiveness and operations performance.

sedApta Group, together with Real Throughput – a strategic partner with many years of experience in business transformation – answer this need by offering a solution that elevates traditional operations planning processes to a strategic level, supporting management to make more effective business decisions.

With this in mind, the Financial Throughput & Operations Planning solution has emerged providing the tool that was missing to effectively integrate financial and operational planning and support management in making operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

Focus on business goals

Now and for the future, the main goal of companies is to generate profits and value in a sustainable way for all the stakeholders. To assess the productivity of plans and ensure that decisions are aligned with strategy, more effective financial metrics need to be used in order to support managers in decision-making processes.

With its holistic perspective, the sedApta Suite ensures and facilitates the collaboration between people, tools and data in real time across the entire Supply Chain, supporting the management in the company’s decision-making processes. In order to do so, sedApta and the Real Throughput development team set out to improve the quality, effectiveness and timeliness of the information produced, providing a new approach to measuring impact on business objectives.

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sedApta and Real Throughput bring the focus back to the strategic role of the management

The sedApta technology and the Real Throughput know-how converge in a solution that, removes the significant limitations posed by traditional cost accounting systems when employed in decision-making and what-if scenario analysis processes.

Specifically, thanks to sedApta’s Control Tower and Real Throughput Economics metrics, the management is focused on specific targets: namely, adherence to critical-to-business metrics measured by Throughput, Investment and Operating Expenses metrics and critical-to-market metrics measured through Supply Chain operational KPIs. All made fast and effective, making complex cost allocation mechanisms typical of cost accounting unnecessary.

"What-if" analysis for scenarios

Thanks to the support of a powerful constraint-focused finite capacity engine and with the sedApta Control Tower, the user will be able to create different simulative scenarios in a simple way: starting from an initial scenario, one can modify the main variables of the system (volumes, mix, prices, capacity, etc.) and analyze their effects in real time through financial metrics of Throughput, Investment and Operating Expenses. These are accompanied by other metrics that allow a complete analysis in all aspects related to the specific interests, comparing the different scenarios to make the most advantageous decisions.

About Sales & Operations Planning

Value creation across the planning horizon

Optimizing Sales & Operational Planning is, in today’s demand-driven markets, key to enable companies to reach their business goals. If your company aims to achieve “best-in-class” performance and surpass the industry competition, it must be able to implement an efficient business S&OP process, which will only be as effective as the technology it utilizes.


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