Web Supply Engine

Suppliers chain management via web

Through the use of finite-capacity scheduling software, the company can connect all players in the competitive system via web and eliminate dispersion due to poor communication. This generates collaborative management of warehouse activity and supply, capable of cutting costs and generating strategic advantages for the company.

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Main features

The supply chain management of a company using a finite capacity scheduling programme allows the planning of numerous activities involving suppliers, subcontractors, and customers, including:

  • Managing suppliers and subcontractors, through remote communication
  • Order discussion, acceptance and rejection
  • Action plan progress
  • Managing picking lists 
  • Monitoring external manufacturing 
  • Managing shared documentation
  • Managing orders and shipments
  • Managing subcontractor stock and availability 
  • Managing RFQ/RFP in auction mode, for the allocation of external manufacturing and supply agreements 
  • Managing reminders


  • Medium-term plan and revenue projection sharing
  • Easy sharing and distribution of delivery plans
  • Prompt reaction to disturbances in the supply chain
  • Remote production status monitoring
  • Supplier and contractor evaluation
  • Remote timing, monitoring, and collection of data
  • Online order confirmation
  • Supply lead time reduction
  • Stock cost reduction through external warehouse monitoring

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WSE, the supply chain management tool included in sedApta Suite, has three modules:

Work Plan Collaboration

The first module facilitates the sharing of short and medium-term plans with contractors and suppliers. 

With WSE it is possible to share plans, documentation, CAD drawings, transportation and quality details, pricing conditions and other information useful in supply chain management.

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This module allows the company to efficiently interact with suppliers and reach a consensus on shipping dates, quantities to be delivered, pricing conditions, etc. Moreover, WSE tracks every new action and event within each debate launched by the players.

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Notification Management

The third module ensures continuous monitoring of supplier-side production status and generates notifications from inspection schedules and quality control plans, ensuring timely confirmation or reorganization of short-term delivery plans.

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