Demand Management

Improve Your Sales Forecast Accuracy

Demand management means improving the accuracy of sales forecasts; for this reason, the adoption of software tools to support forecasting and production planning activities brings great benefits, such as:

  • Improved service level
  • Reduced stock and purchasing costs
  • Optimized seasonal stock and distribution of production and logistics resources
  • Optimized stock levels for each branch and warehouse

Main Features of a sales forecast elaboration software 

Demand Management provides the analysis and planning tools to support activities designed to improve the accuracy of the demand manager’s sales forecasts.

  • Propose sales forecast curves based on mathematical time series studies
  • Reach consensus forecasts through progressive involvement of the entire sales network
  • Simulate and manage new product launches and item replacement, implementing phase-in/phase-out strategies
  • Simulate and manage new markets, channels and customer scenarios
  • Look at past and future commercial events, in order to improve forecast accuracy

Benefits of an industrial production planning software

  • Improved service level in relation to actual demand
  • Stock costs reduction, through inventory reallocation
  • Supply cost reduction, due to early planning options
  • Optimized use of production and logistics resources
  • Optimized seasonal inventory planning process
  • Inventory reduction

Demand Management: The sedApta Suite tool to benefit from production planning

Demand Management is the sedApta Suite component capable of ensuring that important strategic advantages are achieved by optimizing demand and sales analysis and forecasting activities through its three modules:

Statistical Sales Forecast

Allows time series creation based on survey catalogues that can be configurated thanks to features such as:

  • Business event management.
  • Customized aggregation level of time series
  • Dynamic library of analysis algorithms.
  • Various statistical error measurements.
  • Automatic calculation functions of the algorithmic best fit for the time series considered with configurable parameters.
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Collaborative Sales Forecast

Allows manual data forcing actions  at different aggregation levels. Forcing on forecasts allows users to better manage:

  • Special events
  • Promotions
  • Sampling
  • Storage and management of special event effects  for their rescreening
  • Prompt interventions on each data aggregation level
  • Forcing on past events to drive the forecast
  • Forcing on forecast values
  • Trend analysis for the distribution of forced values at high level on lower levels
  • Forecasting support for the introduction of new items/areas/customers/markets
  • Cloning/editing/mixing of historical values.
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About Sales & Operations Planning

Value creation across the planning horizon

Optimizing Sales & Operational Planning is, in today’s demand-driven markets, key to enable companies to reach their business goals. If your company aims to achieve “best-in-class” performance and surpass the industry competition, it must be able to implement an efficient business S&OP process, which will only be as effective as the technology it utilizes.


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