The GPS software for business process analysis

In the context of enterprise digitalization, Performance Support is the process that allows companies to maximize their workforce activity by providing users with prompt access to information needed to execute their assigned tasks. This activity aims to make training materials relating to software and business processes available to users in real time.
In other words, when a business production task is dependent on the use of business process analysis software, the Performance Support process represents a “GPS” for your workforce.

Main features

  • Imports business processes defined with BPMN standard notation
  • Manages and stores Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) in a central and shared repository
  • Captures expert users’ experience in executing SOPs
  • Help users “just in time, just enough”, offering real-time support while using the software by guiding users step-by-step through the procedures to be followed and supplying training materials on the specific SOPs


  • Improved change management process
  • Optimized business processes and adoption of new software
  • Decreased training times
  • Decreased material development times and documentation for new software 
  • Decreased training and IT documentation costs
  • Increased employee performance and productivity
  • Improved decision-making processes and employee skills levels

Skillaware, the sedApta Suite web ecosystem component that supports digital transformation  processes

Skillaware is the Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) of the sedApta Suite that allows users to learn efficiently while working. With the Skillaware tool of O.S.A., sedApta’s web ecosystem, users learn how to manage new systems, processes and IT procedures directly at the workstation.

Created to support companies undertaking digital transformation projects, Skillaware combines the benefits of Performance Support Systems, Business Process Guidance and Knowledge Management for IT training, accelerating onboarding and increasing end user engagement.

Notably, Skillaware allows: 

  • Importing of business processes described in standard notation (BPMN) either through Orchestrator or manually, making them immediately available to users for consultation
  • Defining relevant KPIs such as: 
    • Medium lead times of tasks
    • Error detection during task execution, thanks to Analytics integration

The Skillaware platform has been successfully implemented on Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP and other important web applications such as WindChill and Salesforce.

It has six components:


Modelling environment through which expert users can:

  • Import business processes defined with BPMN standard notation, through Orchestrator or manually, and make them available to users.
  • Manage and store Software SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) in a central and shared repository.
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To capture expert users’ experience in executing SOPs. This knowledge is then transferred to new users thanks to the automatic generation and dissemination of technical documentation, multilingual videos, GPS Text-to-Speech software, learning analytics and performance dashboards.

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To help users “just in time, just enough”, offering real-time support while using the software. Skillaware guides users step-by-step through the procedures and supplies training materials on the specific SOP.

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Where users can access previously generated training content in off-line mode.

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Supported by Analytics, this component offers decision makers a clear overview of performances and results achieved.

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Allows users to create documents from notes and screenshots originated by other applications. Thanks to Skill Notes, users can capture page portions or select an area of the page of interest, add personalised comments and generate a document in Word or .pdf.

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About O.S.A.

sedApta’s digital backbone for an open platform

sedApta’s O.S.A. suite is an ecosystem that provides users with new “skills” to support supply chain processes Management and Change Management capable of supporting and orchestrating the Supply Chain through the cooperative management of scheduling processes for demand, warehouse, supply and production, ensuring broad visibility for all functions and the capacity to act on every level.


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