Orchestrate Your Process Tasks

Orchestrator is a software for managing, modeling and monitoring business processes. These activities are crucial for companies operating in the Industry 4.0 context. Redefining processes throughout the Supply Chain, is a key strategy for companies that want to stay competitive. Adopting a cross-functional and integrated collaborative approach must be able to facilitate interoperability between the functions involved and define future actions based on a single operational plan.
Business processes achieve optimal efficiency goals when they are managed from a resource orchestration perspective. Structured process collaboration takes place in three phases: process definition, process execution and online discussion. This can include suppliers, outsourced producers and customers, and involves resources – whether people, capacity, materials, time and/or money – that may be critical or limited. The ability to implement process monitoring and modeling actions makes possible dynamically balanced and coordinated actions in “event driven” scenarios, to respond in an agile way to an ever-changing market.

Main features of a solution for business process management

The analysis of resource interaction processes, which can be done through business process software, relies on various functions:

  • Modelling of “as-is” and “to be” processes
  • Business process runtime management 
  • Correct assignment of tasks to users
  • Process and task monitoring
  • Process analytics on relevant KPIs

Benefits of process management software

The strategic benefits of using this type of process monitoring system are:

  • Redesign of processes, production and supply chain activities to reach new levels of maturity, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Enable interoperability between different software applications.
  • Coordinate daily business activities and specific goals.
  • Manage change and needs in relation to business processes and different activities.
  • Support the workforce in performing new tasks.
  • Certify quality in business procedures.

Orchestrator: a component of the sedApta Suite web ecosystem

Within sedApta Suite, Orchestrator is the component of O.S.A., the web ecosystem of the sedApta Suite for the design and orchestrated management of business processes. Through integration with other Suite components and interaction with third-party products, Orchestrator allows you to:

  • Choose between using ready-made process and task catalogues or designing customised ones
  • Use standard process models for industry
  • Manage work plans and action plans through personal widgets
  • Monitor & manage process KPIs through task-specific dashboards, thanks to the integration with Analytics.
  • Correctly assign tasks to users thanks to User Task Boards
  • Monitor processes and tasks through use of the standard BPMN 2.0 notation and process catalogues and tasks to support Smart Manufacturing by means of the web-based application for monitoring processes and operations
  • Carry out process analysis on relevant KPIs, thanks to the integration with Analytics
  • Integrate each task with Performance Support, thanks to native integration with the Skillaware platform 
  • Run several instances of the same process at the same time.

About O.S.A.

sedApta’s digital backbone for an open platform

sedApta’s O.S.A. suite is an ecosystem that provides users with new “skills” to support supply chain processes Management and Change Management capable of supporting and orchestrating the Supply Chain through the cooperative management of scheduling processes for demand, warehouse, supply and production, ensuring broad visibility for all functions and the capacity to act on every level.


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