Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Continuous variations in demand make it essential for companies to be able to react quickly; whether they are new business opportunities, an optimisation of warehouses and/or changed customer needs, the goal is to react quickly and with the least possible impact on production costs. Being able to operate on an extended and digital supply chain allows full visibility of all the actors involved in the process. For sedApta, this is only part of the solution.

Thanks to the strategic collaboration with Elisa IndustrIQ, a leading company in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, today sedApta is able to help industry players identify, predict and prevent process inefficiencies by transforming data into usable information.

The processes orchestrated by sedApta are enriched by the presence of a new digital professional figure: the Elisa manager. Leveraging Machine Learning algorithms and a series of pre-defined KPIs, this figure can analyse and understand the available data independently, quickly process all possible scenarios, identify the solutions that have the least impact among the various alternatives and provide the other protagonists of the process a subset of appropriately selected scenarios.

Digital twin, orchestrated process, Analytics Bricks, Simulative Control Tower: these are the fundamental elements of the sedApta platform that allow all the process stakeholders to be synchronised and co-ordinated, providing them with all the necessary information at the right time, to efficiently carry out a specific process activity.

About O.S.A.

sedApta’s digital backbone for an open platform

sedApta’s O.S.A. suite is an ecosystem that provides users with new “skills” to support supply chain processes Management and Change Management capable of supporting and orchestrating the Supply Chain through the cooperative management of scheduling processes for demand, warehouse, supply and production, ensuring broad visibility for all functions and the capacity to act on every level.


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