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Business Intelligence (B.I.) is the set of activities that allows companies to transform data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into strategic and operative plans to reach the company’s objectives. B.I. represents the key instrument to evolve towards an increasingly efficient and strategic management of information. The manufacturing 4.0 context has indeed determined the beginning of an evolution process for information systems, aimed at creating database and data-warehouses able to integrate data generated along the whole supply chain as to support strategic management and forecast activities.

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Analytics is the O.S.A. suite component that supports all processes that entails Business Intelligence activities, such as: Change Management, Monitoring, Production, Quality Control, Logistic, …
Through Analytics Reporting Framework, the web reporting tool, Analytics generates important reports to support decision making activities for the strategic management of business processes.

With Analytics it is possible to calculate important KPI to monitor the Supply Chain. The KPI can be selected from catalogues, specific for the needs of manufacturing companies and complying with the ISO 22400 standard, or can also be manually configured by users.
Analytics supports users in the definition of dashboard, through the definition of access rules and visualization options. With Analytics it is possible to create new reports simply by navigating, selecting and application of data filters at the conclusion of each process instance.
Executed analysis can be saved to allow for comparative monitoring for processes at different time or at different levels of the decision making chain.

Main features

  • Web solution, allows users to access their dashboards wherever they are, with the only requirement of having a web browser and access to the internet.
  • Multi data source, offers the possibility to access different data sources, starting from multidimensional cubes or simple excel sheets.
  • Cube analyzer,offers the possibility to explore the multidimensional cubes to autonomously create personalized analysis.
  • Mobile-ready interface, compatible with all recent mobile devices (tablets & smartphones).
  • Monitoring processes KPI, integrated into the production workflow can be monitored in real time.


  • Continuous improvement of business processes thanks to the integration between Analytics and all main software used along the Supply Chain.
  • Fine-tuning of performances thanks to real time analysis of relevant data.

Analytics is developed into two different components:

Analytics BI Tool

Supplies functionalities for OLAP analysis. Thanks to its standard “contract views”, the tool can interface with all the repository used along the supply chain for the collection of process data output, leveling therefore the KPI analysis process.

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Analytics Reporting Framework

Is the web tool that contains all the reporting features of Analytics. Through a vast selection of dashboards and clips, both standard or custom made, Analytics Reporting Framework allows users to visualize data and analysis coming both from online sources and from Analytics BI Tool.

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About O.S.A.

sedApta’s digital backbone for an open platform
sedApta’s O.S.A. suite is an ecosystem that provides users with new “skills” to support supply chain processes Management and Change Management capable of supporting and orchestrating the Supply Chain through the cooperative management of scheduling processes for demand, warehouse, supply and production, ensuring broad visibility for all functions and the capacity to act on every level.
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