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Processes, People & Technology for smart manufacturing

In today’s manufacturing industry, globalized companies are operating in an increasingly competitive market. As a result, identifying and adopting the right technologies for collaborative business process management shared by multiple users located at different plants and different sites is critical in order to ensure sustainable strategic advantage for their business.

sedApta O.S.A.: the business process management software

O.S.A. (Process Orchestration, Support and Analytics) is an innovative web ecosystem, that we call “sedApta Suite’s Digital Backbone”. It is based on standard analytics (DITA, XAPI, BPMN) capable of providing users with new abilities in terms of production capacity, supply chain management and change management.

The platform has three components: Orchestrator, Skillaware and Analytics.

Apart from being easily integrated with third-party software, it natively integrates with all the sedApta Suite components.

Furthermore, it allows creation of the Digital Twin of business processes, supporting the organization through a structured, extended and connected network through the entire supply chain and ‘down’ to the factory floor.

Our approach to Industry 4.0: analysis and monitoring of business processes and resource orchestration

Horizontal end-to-end supply chain connectivity: connects resources for collaboration in real time, overcoming the functional silo syndrome, offering maximum collaboration with suppliers, outsource manufacturers and customers.

Vertical factory-to-factory connectivity: the orchestration of disconnected technologies, people and production processes drastically improves the execution, scheduling and optimization of operations within the Supply Chain.

Supporting change management process through all of the supply chain levels, the sedApta O.S.A. platform helps companies to achieve continuous improvement of business processes.

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