Transportation Management

The changing needs of these recent years have developed new consumption models, directly involving the logistics sector. Variability of demand, compression of sales times, delivery traceability and integration within the Supply Chain have given impetus to the Transportation Management (TM) segment, perfecting the concept of extended Supply Chain.

Transformation in the International Freight Forwarding market quickly pushes towards a digitalization of services to client companies. Dealing with Digital Freight Forwarder also means integrating the execution of shipments in the overall planning and execution process of an end-to-end supply chain process.

The answer to these needs is enclosed in the NextChain Smart Tracking solution which, through specific experiences in the sectors, allows to expand Supply Chain Execution projects including the aspects of Warehouse Management and Logistics management.

Pain points are usually represented by:

  • tracking events for ongoing shipments are difficult to read and easily integrate into the planning process,
  • even where progress is timely, it is complex to enable tracking for interested users with the correct logistical dimensions (part number and purchase order instead of ID Container …),
  • the documentation, received by e-mail, is frequently archived in document systems not so easy-to-use.

The NextChain Smart Tracking solution is SaaS Cloud enabled, bringing all the benefits of Scalability, Accessibility, Compatibility, Security, Updates and Software Upgrades, allows a Quick Deployment, with a short online training making the customers able to update their profile and use the platform, at accessible low entry costs, having competitive and variable rate profiles and no operating costs for managing the platform accessible via the web.

The solution benefits evaluation is related to the analysis of the type of shipments managed, the organizational model of the shipper’s supply chain and the sensitivity of the operational planning processes with respect to the variability of delivery dates, due to changes in the Shipment ETA.

About Manufacturing Operations Management

Optimize day-by-day scheduling and manufacturing operations

sedApta Suite for MOM allows real-time orchestration of machines, software and people in order to reach new process methodologies based on sharing knowledge and on the possibility to track results and bottlenecks in real-time, with all the relevant associated KPI’s.


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