Smart Asset Management

Maintenance management

An holistic approach to maintenance, where reliability and risk management are balanced through the whole organization, represent a key point for the optimization of plant results. To move forward towards this direction, the key resources that need to be identified and adapted to the company new needs are mainly found in the software tools for the management of the company’s information systems.

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Smart Asset Management supports the following key activities for maintenance management:

  • Programmed maintenance, inspects and corrects incipient failures, either before they occur or before they can turn into major defects.
  • Condition based maintenance, is triggered by measurements and events from the shop floor such as: measurements of noise, vibrations, temperature, pressure and machines cycles. According to the values received, SAM calculates the number of times a constraint is violated, automatically creating a maintenance task.
  • Corrective maintenance, is carried out after a failure is detected and aims to restore an asset to a condition in which it can perform its intended functions.

Main features

  • Reception and elaboration of assets management models developed at the Headquarter level.
  • Plant-specific models instance.
  • Errors management.
  • Planning and management of preventive maintenances.
  • Autonomous execution of routine maintenance.
  • Spare parts management.
  • Errors analysis.
  • KPIs e reports generation.


  • Reduction of downtimes and related costs thanks to the integration with Analytics and the modules for production planning and forecast.
  • Increase in operative efficiency
  • Assets lifecycle optimization

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