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Plant performances monitoring

Shop Floor Management

Within the production execution process, production monitoring is the activity that offers a complete real-time panorama of the events (Event Management) along the entire production line. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the set of computerized management systems that allows the production area – shop floor – of a company to be monitored. Taking advantage of the MES, in accordance with regulations in force, the production execution guarantees high quality of the production output.

Main functionalities of event management software for production monitoring

Production monitoring services rely on providing standardized workflows to the various operators involved.

The dedicated software:

  • monitors the production processes, enabling a real-time reaction to production disruptions by providing feedback to the business layer;
  • aggregates data from third-party systems into contextualised KPIs and constantly compares them with the predefined goals;
  • normalizes and harmonizes plant data flows;
  • improves communication between the personnel of the different departments (production, quality, logistics and maintenance) in order to minimize the product transformation lead time;
  • manages the operational scheduling and the documentation of each production resource, from planning to execution.

Benefits of using an Event Management Software

Monitoring production, leveraging the MES, offers precise strategic benefits:

  • real-time reaction to production disruptions;
  • continuous monitoringof production status and performance;
    reduction of production lead time;
  • recording of production tracking;
  • reduction of line and inter-operational buffers;
  • cost reduction at warehouse level;
  • just-in-time material handling;
  • improvement of the delivery process.

Shop Floor Monitor: the sedApta Suite component for Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Monitor (SFM) is the sedApta Suite component which is used in production process monitoring. In an industrial context characterised by a growing number of factors that production managers are expected to monitor and promptly manage (Shop Floor Management and Control), Event Management is an activity of high strategic value. The various SFM functionalities can be used through practical web interfaces that allow access, at any time and from any type of industrial terminal, desktop or mobile, to the production line progress and monitoring data.

sedApta’s SFM component has 3 modules:

Shop Floor Control

The first module has been designed to allow real-time monitoring of production. Shop Floor Control is based on: updating and control of production progress; final production times and quantities produced; continuous updating of performance indicators.

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Statistics and OEE Calculation

Through a multi-level aggregation engine based on OLAP cubes and data storage, the second module leverages the quality, performance and availability parameters as well as other relevant KPIs to monitor production performance.

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Event Management

The third module monitors maintenance and material handling, through an advanced alarm detection engine that promptly sends notifications to department supervisors.

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About Manufacturing Operations Management

Optimize day-by-day scheduling and manufacturing operations

sedApta Suite for MOM allows real-time orchestration of machines, software and people in order to reach new process methodologies based on sharing knowledge and on the possibility to track results and bottlenecks in real-time, with all the relevant associated KPI’s.


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