Manufacturing Operations Management

Optimize day-by-day scheduling and manufacturing operations

In todays’ economy, optimizing plant operations is becoming more and more important to achieve business goals and sustainable growth.

As they become more demand-driven, manufacturers seek to introduce new tools and to transform their operations as to optimize processes, investment and assets utilization. With regard to Product Lifecycle, manufacturers need to have virtual and physical worlds merge, creating therefore a connection between technical and business processes.

Moreover, smart technologies are coming to the market faster and faster: social networks, digital devices, Internet of Things, Cloud technologies, 3D printers are changing companies’ daily life.

Manufacturers are looking for new paradigm to integrate and orchestrate these technologies into traditional manufacturing practices and processes: the ultimate goal is a higher degree of collaboration in product design, and improvements in manufacturing processes, data quality, production planning, supply chain functions and day-to-day operations.

At Plant level, operations need easy-to-implement systems that allow for the monitoring of shop floor level execution, as to quickly react to process changes, machines downtime and maintenance activities. The ultimate goal is to optimize day-by-day scheduling and manufacturing operations.

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sedApta’s Solution for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

The fourth industrial revolution brings several opportunities, of the many, the most significant, is the ability to connect people, processes and technologies in an extended way:

  • People: the most interesting challenge of the 4th revolution lies in the ability to connect people in a modern and simple way, integrating the different actors of the supply chain inside and outside the factory to share problems and solutions and enter the era of collective intelligence.
  • Processes: even today few companies have dealt with the definition of business processes in a clear and pro-active manner, the challenge lies in the ability not only to define the most critical processes but also to be able to execute them and track and analyze the results and constantly review them in a continuous improvement perspective.
  • Technologies: the integration of the most innovative technologies allows companies to transform data into high-value information.

sedApta Suite for MOM allows real-time orchestration of machines, software and people in order to reach new process methodologies based on sharing knowledge and on the possibility to track results and bottlenecks in real-time, with all the relevant associated KPI’s.

Production scheduling, Order Execution and Maintenance Management are done with real time coordination, managing failures and criticalities either before they occur or before they can turn into a major defect.

What are the Benefits?

  • Enable efficient decision making processes
  • Support management and production monitoring
  • Ensure a full and prompt view of what happens at the shop floor level
  • Support the analysis of functionalities to contextualize the strategic decision-making processes

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