Streamline your supply chain processes with sedApta. Our smart solutions provide an ecosystem of innovative tools for planning, execution, and optimisation to support all levels of the supply chain. Enhanced with Data Management Services designed specifically for industrial companies and powered with machine learning technology, sedApta solutions allow companies to obtain and visualize critical data on demand and gain full control over production processes.

The sedApta Suite

Based on over 30 years of industrial experience, the sedApta Suite is an all-in-one solution to optimize processes along the entire supply chain. The Suite features an integrated set of our Sales & Operations Planning solutions, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions, and process optimisation solutions. The integrated modules are supported by our innovative Process Orchestration, Support & Analytics platform, which serves as a “digital backbone” and allows companies to continuously improve business processes by promoting a culture of change.

Sales & Operation Planning Solutions

Demand Management

The best production scheduler for your company

A software solution to create hyper-accurate sales forecasts. SedApta’s Demand Management creates reliable sales forecasts and consensus forecasts from start to finish. Discover More

Order Promising

Finite capacity customer order dating

Get a 360-degree perspective on your supply and demand down to the finest detail. Organize customer orders and manage stock in the most efficient way possible by analysing availability, locations, shortages and business scenarios at every level of allocation from sales channel to individual customers. Discover More

Inventory Management

Optimize stock levels in the logistical - distribution chain

Analyse sales forecasts, target service level, orders, stocks, and replenishments to generate a master production schedule. Limit stock-outs and improve profit margins with optimised inventory management based on data that considers your supply chain at every level. Discover More

Resource & Supply Planning

Finite capacity production planning

Simulate production & supply needs using validated, detailed data on resources, availability cycles, and allocation rules. Achieve medium and long-term planning that considers fluctuations, changes, and your business objectives. Discover More

Web Supply Engine

Suppliers chain management via web

Share vital information with suppliers, contractors, and customers to orchestrate the external figures of your supply chain. Monitor supplier-side production statuses and be notified immediately when short-term plans need re-adjustments. Keep record of your interactions to optimise communication and reach agreements faster. Discover More

Distribution Requirements Planning


Distribution Requirements Planning ensures that sources of goods procurement always meet demand by comparing the necessary available resources. In addition, this supports the production, procurement and customer satisfaction processes by indicating actions to be taken to accelerate or delay purchases and consequently production, thus synchronizing supply and demand. Discover More

Financial Throughput & Operations Planning

Throughput economics metrics

Using new technologies to orchestrate the most complex processes, comparing and validating different scenarios, simulating the impacts of unpredictable or disruptive events on the entire supply chain, financial and sustainability analyses are conducted using real time post-processing algorithms. Discover More

Manufacturing Operations Management

Factory Scheduling

Industrial production Scheduling

Leverage process simulation software to optimise scheduling of production resources, sequences, and capacities. Reduce inventory costs and improve production lead times via multi-scenario analysis and dynamic orders allocation. Discover More

Shop Floor Monitor

Plant performances monitoring

Simplify your most challenging production processes and better integrate your plant with third-party systems to provide contextualized KPIs on compliance issues so you can quickly take adjustments if needed. Includes an advanced shop floor monitor to improve communication between different departments and maximise the efficiency of your daily operations. Discover More

Smart Asset Management

Maintenance management

Your new Maintenance Manager Assistant to take care of your assets at an executive level in accordance with your standards. Take control of your business by optimising the business asset lifecycle, reducing downtime and related costs, and increasing operating efficiency. Manage reported errors, conduct routine maintenance, and track information at each plant autonomously. Discover More


The tool combines an established 3D editor and rendering engine that allow customers to build 3D views of their production environments. The application can be enriched with data labels – to show the status of the machine in real time, dynamic objects – for «Track & Trace» implementations, and Heatmaps – to color 3D objects according to their status. Discover

Transportation Management

NextChain Smart Tracking

The changing needs of these recent years have developed new consumption models, directly involving the logistics sector. Variability of demand, compression of sales times, delivery traceability and integration within the Supply Chain have given impetus to the Transportation Management (TM) segment, perfecting the concept of extended Supply Chain. Transformation in the International Freight Forwarding market quickly pushes towards a digitalization of services to client companies. Dealing with Digital Freight Forwarder also means integrating the execution of shipments in the overall planning and execution process of an end-to-end supply chain process. The answer to these needs is enclosed in the NextChain Smart Tracking solution which, through specific experiences in the sectors, allows to expand Supply Chain Execution projects including the aspects of Warehouse Management and Logistics management. Discover More

Process Orchestration, Support, Analytics


Orchestrate Your Process Tasks

Model “as-is” and “to be” processes to see the impacts of every change before implementing them. Administer tasks throughout various branches so everything runs smoothly. Correct assignment of tasks to users no matter where they are. Alert key players in real time when deadlines reach critical points to adjust course for better efficiency later on down the line. Discover More


The GPS software for business process analysis

Business support software for the Digital Age. Stay agile and capable of change by bringing process management and standard operational procedures together to train your team faster, cheaper, and more effectively. Provide real-time support and vital process procedure materials to system users from any connected location. Discover More


Business Intelligence for the decision-making process

Provides the business intelligence tools you need to manage, report on and assess your data. Understand what makes or breaks your manufacturing processes and make decisions on the strategies you want for your business for continuous, frictionless improvement. Discover More

Industrial Terminals & PCs

Industrial Panel Pc

PC IP65, PC IP69, PC IP54

Your one-stop shop for durable, high-performance industrial PCs. Select from 9 models with a variety of size and casing options to ensure your PCs fit seamlessly into your production environment. With touch-screen capabilities and equipped with Windows 10 Enterprise, our PCs have a 12 month warranty and are built to last as an integral instrument for your data acquisition and information sharing needs. Discover More

Mobile Devices

Competitively priced Windows tablets and Android mobile phones that don’t sacrifice quality. Our sturdy Windows 10-inch Tablet or industrial Android phones can withstand harsh day-to-day use while still looking good and working dependably. Our expert team will customise your preferred devices to ensure it meets your unique needs, and provide on-site or remote support whenever you need. Discover More