Simulative Control Tower

Simulative Control Tower is an essential tool to improve supply chain visibility and responsiveness. Through a virtuous cycle, the tool increases global visibility over the entire process. Its simulative approach allows different possible scenarios to be compared, analysing and quantifying the resulting impacts, making it possible to provide effective and rapid decision-making support (simulation and response).

Together with the now well-established concept of process orchestration, sedApta’s Simulative Control Tower allows structured process collaboration in real time between people, activities and tools throughout the supply chain, including collaboration with suppliers, outsourced manufacturers and customers, all supported by contextual information and online discussions.

supply chain control tower

The sedApta approach allows all the process stakeholders to be synchronised and co-ordinated, transferring the right information to the right role at the right time, to efficiently conduct a specific process activity while simultaneously aligning planning (S&OP), scheduling (S&OE) and execution (MOM).

Together with the typical functionalities of the orchestration process, Simulative Control Tower is further enriched by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Simulative Control Tower

Thanks to innovative technology combined with in-depth knowledge of supply chain processes, sedApta’s Simulative Control Tower allows:

Provide a complete visibility of all supply chain processes designed for specific KPIs

Develop what-if scenarios with a simulation approach

Create an in-depth analysis with specific alerts on critical issues

Quantify the impacts of possible solutions

Have a collaborative approach in solutions and action confirmation

Total visibility

Simulative Control Tower offers overall visibility of the status of the supply chain, making it possible to display high-level KPIs and browse within them for further details. More than 140 metrics are available based on the time horizon and the scope of the project, allowing the division of the business process into four levels (financial, S&OP, S&OE, MOM).

Simulative Approach

Depending on the overall results of the planning processes and any critical issues or opportunities highlighted, the solution enables the activation of processes and/or calculation and simulation engines (sedApta and not), returning a holistic view of the scenarios.

In-depth Analysis Alerts

sedApta’s Simulative Control Tower allows critical issues to be highlighted by focusing management’s attention on anything that is out-of-scale

Quantify impacts

The analysis of the impacts of interruptions can be performed on several axes: service level, turnover, inventory increase, late orders

Confirmation of solutions and actions

Final confirmation allows for the implementation of the plan identified through processes, resources and company functions

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