Shop Floor Monitor libraries

Production enhancement

Advanced Operator Console library

The Advanced Operator Console library is natively integrated with the sedApta Suite Shop Floor Monitor component: the line operator, without leaving his workstation, can access automatically pre-filtered information on the basis of production context information (order, resource, P/N, etc.) from the OEE, execute checklists, and check scrap and quantities produced

Real Time Resources and Andon libraries

The Real Time Resources library allows monitoring through the navigation tree – in real time and with a highly user-friendly interface – of the current status of the production process at each stage of the plant layout. This employs dashboards and mimic diagrams driven by production information manually collected by operators or automatically detected from the field. They are organized in three sections: 

  • Machines, dedicated to the monitoring of primary production resources
  • Operators, focused on the manpower present at the plant
  • Moulds/tools, for the supervision of current usage and the wear status of the tools used in production

Supervisors and department heads  have constant control over what happens in the plant, and can therefore react promptly to problems and criticalities.

The Andon library consists of mimic diagrams, deployed by the Analytics application of the sedApta Suite and based on data collected and processed by the Shop Floor Monitor, which monitors the current status of the production process, for the purpose of promptly informing operators and supervisors in charge of the management and maintenance of any process or quality issues.    

The library has three mimic diagrams: 

  • Andon Global, which allows supervision of the entire production plant
  • Andon Floor, dedicated to the monitoring of individual departments

Andon Machine, which contains information related to a single production resource

Checklist Management library

The Checklist Management library is the sedApta Suite component dedicated to lifecycle quality control management, from definition to operation execution and finally to time-series analysis, focusing especially on:

  • Checklists for pre-production compliance checks;
  • Checklists for compliance checks of production orders and batches.

Through the control plans defined on Checklist, it is possible to collect data and quality measurements for the real-time monitoring of production processes and enable quick corrective actions if exceptions or non-conformities are detected, improving reaction times and reducing the use of paper by digitalizing the data collected.

Shipping Management library

The Shipping Management library is the component used to:

  • Define and modify the load
  • Check the balance between quantities requested for the shipment and actual warehouse availability
  • Manage delivery notes

Statistical Reports & History library

The Statistical Reports & History library is made up of a set of analysis reports that enable monitoring and analysis of production totals, as well as conduct targeted analyses on production performance using dashboards and indicators calculated according to the ISO 22400 standard.

The library includes intuitive and easy-to-interpret dashboards covering different production issues that can be investigated with the desired degree of detail:

Production Analysis:

  • OEE
  • Scrap
  • Stoppages
  • Saturation

Manpower Analysis:

  • OEE and Operators
  • OLE
  • Operator performance

The starting point is represented by a navigation tree that reproduces the structure of the company layout, for each node reporting the corresponding OEE level, calculated within the selected time range.

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