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Apr 3, 2018

White Paper

The sedApta ecosystem for S&OP and MOM: an orchestrated approach

The sedApta suite is a cutting-edge software platform developed to help meet the optimization needs of your company, increasing business agility, collaboration and orchestration.

Marcegaglia Video

Feb 22, 2018


Antonio Marcegaglia at the sedApta Academy: the impact of the digital revolution on Manufacturing Industry

With great pleasure Antonio Marcegaglia, Chairman and CEO, attended the sedApta Academy Industry 4.0 opening on January 23rd.

Hyla Video Origini

Feb 14, 2018


Hyla Soft a company of sedApta Group

In this video, Claudio Zilich, Hyla Soft CEO, tells more about the Company, the main Italian and international group that formed the core of sedApta.

Sed Apta Video Origini

Feb 12, 2018


sedApta Group: The origins

In this video, Giorgio Cuttica, President of sedApta Group, tells more about Industry 4.0's origin, explaining why in early 2014, we decided to join forces to offer our services, our technologies and our solutions to this much more competitive and articulated global market.

Sed Apta Academy Video

Jan 18, 2018


sedApta Academy Industry 4.0

The sedApta Academy Industry 4.0, is born as  a place for "Training, Learning and Sharing ideas”, where people (customers, partners, professionals...) can find  concrete solutions to their needs through sedApta’s technologies and tools for  Industry 4.0. 

Food Per Wp

Oct 4, 2017

White Paper

5 Keys to S&OP success in F&B Industry

The most common issue that F&B companies have to deal with is the inability to serve global distribution channels efficiently and promptly.

Plant Sched

May 2, 2017


Plant Scheduling & Work Plan Orchestration

An effective planning is a complex process that covers a wide variety of activities; Plant Scheduling is the base for different Work Plans and acts like a roadmap. Let's see how important the Plant Scheduling is to maximize productivity.


May 2, 2017

White Paper

Sylos Sindrome & Collaborative Planning

How to overcome “Silos Planning” syndrome and benefit from a Collaborative Planning Solution