Verallia, third global producer of glass packaging for food and beverages, offers innovative, customized and environmentally friendly solutions to more than 10,000 customers around the world. In 2019, Verallia produced approximately 16 billion bottles and jars intended mainly for still and sparkling wines, spirits, food products, beers and nonalcoholic beverages.


  • Improve the quality of service provided to Verallia’s customers
  • Apply in all countries Verallia planning methods at the level of the S&OP (Sales and Operation Planning) and the
    MPS (Master Production Schedule)while reconsidering the quality of the demand
  • Optimize the MPS / Scheduling interaction and collaboration.


Verallia SCM project. Thus, this extended solution covers their three main planning processes: Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP), Master Production Schedule (MPS), which feeds the Shop Floor Scheduling (SFS) process. In particular, the application modules involved in the solution are:



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