For over 25 years, Quadrifoglio Group has been producing and designing furniture components to bring the well-being and elegance of made in Italy to work and contract environments.


The primary objectives to be achieved were:

  • Early identification of critical situations: reactive, automatic and constant (twice a day) analysis of the entire order portfolio to identify any missing components and any critical issues related to production capacity
  • Automatic proposal of the main production plan: optimized plan based on the given rules (priority of sales orders, planning heuristics) and in compliance with all production constraints
  • Increase of visibility in the short, medium and long term: communication to suppliers of deliveries priorities in order to promptly satisfy the market and increase the level of service and complete visibility that allows quickly circulation of reliable information to internal and external entities
  • Implementation of a homogeneous and effective workflow: preparation of a step-by-step work procedure that guides and makes the work of the Production Planning, Purchasing / Production and Commercial Areas more integrated.


The project involved the implementation of the following sedApta application modules:


The solution immediately highlighted benefits such as:

  • Reduction of average tardiness in customer order fulfillment: -29.2%
  • Reduction of the time spent to identify critical issues (materials and production capacity): -15 h / weeks
  • Reduction of purchase costs
  • Reduction of costs related to partial shipments / missed shipments and complaints
  • Efficient use of internal resources



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