Over the years, P.E. Labellers has successfully positioned itself among the market leaders in the design and production of modular and ergonomic labeling machines. This success is attributed to its ability to adapt labeling solutions to the evolving production needs of companies and the increasingly higher quality standards imposed by the market.

The key factor? Flexibility.


P.E. Labellers’ objective is to enhance business management by integrating processes with both existing software and new applications for advancing production and scheduling production activities.


Drawing on its specific expertise in supply chain management processes for various manufacturing entities, Atomos Hyla, a company within the sedApta Group, aimed to support P.E. Labellers in their digital transformation journey. This was primarily achieved through the implementation of Shop Floor Monitor and Factory Scheduling modules, addressing the following needs:

  • Advancement of production orders for assembly and pre-assembly
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of orders
  • Verification and release of production order proposals from the scheduler, with submission to the ERP for confirmed order returns
  • Definition of a finite capacity plan using material and team constraints
  • Export of the scheduled plan to the ERP for dating finite capacity production orders
  • Export to the payroll system of hours declared by operators on individual orders and activities.


The main benefits of the implemented solution include:

  • Effective communication in the department regarding warehouse withdrawals needed for the preparation of pre-assemblies, dynamically managing variations in order structures. In particular, order planning has streamlined and rationalized material withdrawals from the pre-assembly warehouse and raw materials, reducing movements
  • Improvement of resource allocation on workstations, ensuring the flexibility needed to cover activity peaks through scheduling processes
  • Optimization, in terms of resource utilization, of team-based management linked to the phases of production cycles and, consequently, the skills required for specific operations.



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