Noberasco is a Ligurian food company, leader in Italy in the dried and dehydrated fruit sector thanks to the expertise it has gained in over a century of business. The work in the company of four generations of the Noberasco family has led to a long entrepreneurial adventure, made of passion, enthusiasm and continuous innovation, to always guarantee utmost attention paid to all the qualitative aspects of the supply chain. In 2015, the new production center of Carcare (SV) opened, a plant that covers an area of 70,000 square meters, of which 23,500 are covered, and a refrigerated area for the storage of raw materials, capable of containing 5,672 pallets.

Main Objectives

  • Anticipate commercial demand by generating a reliable forecast, managing and sharing promo plans, managing continuous product recoding
  • Identify the commercial demand and the correct Safety Stock, keeping the immobilized capital under control
  • Identify the main critical issues in terms of production capacity, support the company management in strategic choices (capacity purchase, temporary work, holidays, etc.)
  • Identify any commercial policies; define purchase plans for crops and packaging; define the correct supply plans
  • Improve the stock rotation indexes; generation of the weekly production plan
  • Optimize production flows
  • Manage the constraints related to raw materials
  • Manage the daily operation of the weekly production plan

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