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The MEC3 brand belongs to the Rimini-based company Optima Spa, which is controlled by Charterhouse Capital Partners, a worldwide leader in the production of semi-finished ingredients for ice cream and artisanal desserts. MEC3’s main market is outside Italy and accounts for about 80% of sales. The remaining 20%  are from Italy.
Germany is the second largest market after Italy, mostly for historical reasons linked to the origins of the founder and due to the total volume of sales, but the company also boasts a global presence: from Asia to the Middle East, the United States, South America and Australia.

Software products installed 

MEC3 has implemented sedApta Suite’s Demand Management solution for the generation of sales forecasts at market level (the German branch is equipped with a tax warehouse, so the correct management of stock levels is also fundamental from an economic/ financial point of view).
Furthermore, a focus on markets was required for the purposes of developing the resupplying of the hubs of the other branches.

Main Goals: 

  • Sales Forecast Generation per Item/Customer/Area through mathematical and heuristic algorithms
  • Sales Forecast Generation per Item/Customer/Area validated and modified by the user based on various information
  • Generation of control and comparison KPI
  • Ability to manipulate historical data and/or forecast data
  • Ability to create item replacements, range extensions etc.


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