Latteria Montello

Latteria Montello is a state-of-the-art company, leader in the premium segment of the stracchino market in Italy, which is a type of fresh cheese made with whole cow’s milk. In its technologically advanced plants with high production capacity, Latteria Montello employs highly qualified personnel and certified quality processes. Over the years, the company has engaged an active distribution network that has brought Nonno Nanni brand products to a widespread and timely presence in the territory.

It operates as a company for the production of stracchino, fresh cheese and derived food products, using milk as the main material for the production of various product categories.


As part of a strong internal renewal drive dictated by the gradual growth Latteria Montello has had over the past few years, the current project is part of which has led the company to focus on the aspects of:

  • Processing of forecast applications (budget and forecast)
  • Processing of work order and purchase order proposals and which has fostered collaboration between the Company and the sedApta group.


Within the overall project scope, the solution saw the live start of the «Budgeting» Stream.
Through the adoption of Demand Management tools from the sedApta suite was possible to implement:

  • Sales Analysis for generating a mathematical curve on a historical basis
  • Sales Collaboration for visualizing, sharing and forcing the proposed data


In the face of what has been previously described, a guided and structured process has been achieved that supports the user to achieve the goals set in Budgeting.



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