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Interpump Group soon became the world’s largest producer of high-pressure piston pumps, and its products affirmed themselves as the reference on the market. Starting from the 90s, the Group pursued growth beyond the piston pumps, through the acquisition of several leading companies manufacturing professional and industrial cleaning machines, and electric motors. In 1996, Interpump Group was listed at the Milan Stock Exchange.

Main Objectives

  • Workstations for the declaration of events: machine workstations that allow the declaration of progress information, machine stops and production waste, with the aim of optimally manage the logistics and maintenance quality cycle
  • Workstations for supervisioning: these workstations allow the analysis of the progress data, the monitoring of the plants and the control of production efficiency, in order to coordinate
    the department activities and make the final data available to the company management system.

Implemented Solution

Shop Floor Monitor

  • The management of dispersions in real time
  • Real time data alignment via automatic insertion
  • Supervision of all stages of the production process and set up (A.A.P.) so as to detect any deviations from the values of reference
  • Stops due to causes
  • The progress status of the OP on time and calculated end time date
  • KPI monitoring
  • Analysis of waste and non-compliance
  • OLE (Overall Labor Effectiveness) in the assembly departments
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).


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