Fratelli Guzzini S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of design articles for the table, the kitchen and furnishings in fine plastic material, founded by Enrico Guzzini in Recanati in 1912. The adoption of the methacrylate called Plexiglas, undertaken already on the eve of the second war world in 1938 and renewed in the post-war phase, marked the definitive takeoff of the company. The company started mass production of objects of various types, such as ladles, cups, coffee cups, cheese dishes and salad bowls. In 1953 the company acquired the technology for the production of cast slabs and moved on from the single color to two colors.

Main Objectives

  • Reorganization of assembly and packaging departments
  • Reorganization of the ERP
  • Contraction of production lead times: from 9 to 6 weeks
  • Shrinkage of the frozen period: 4 to 1 weeks
  • Control / reduction of crossing time
  • Warehouse rotation index uplift, with segmentation in ABC logic
  • Alignment between phase-in and phase-out of items
  • Increased stock value of MTS codes

Implemented solution

In 2004 Guzzini embarked on a path aimed at reducing the crossing time in the supply chain, because this would have made the company more competitive on the market, not only as a result of reduced reaction time (compressed Lead Time and Time to Market) and an improvement in customer service (internal and external), but also following a better economic (EBITDA) and financial (PFN) efficiency.
To do this, Guzzini implemented the Demand Management, Inventory Management, Web Supply Engine, Factory Scheduling and Shop Floor Monitor solutions of the sedApta Suite.

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