Granarolo chooses Atomos Hyla

Granarolo choses Atomos Hyla for the integration of Automation Systems & for an effective sharing of data and the security of production continuity!

Granarolo is the most important Italian milk supply chain, based on an integrated production system, where the entire process is controlled and managed in close collaboration with the best local producers. Together with them, the Granarolo Group follows all the phases of the supply chain process: from the production of the raw material, to the distribution of the finished product to the sales points, in order to guarantee a targeted, planned and quality oriented production. The Granarolo Group is today the most important producer of fresh milk in Italy, with 15 production sites in Italy and 7 abroad and with about 9 million quintals of milk processed in a year. The three main business areas of Granarolo revolve around fresh milk:

  • Milk and Cream
  • Cheese and Butter
  • Yogurt and Snack

Main objectives

  • flexibility of production management in relation to the numerous recipes that can be performed and the different downstream;
  • post-treatment and packaging lines;
  • precision of the control of the dosages of the single components;
  • security of the correct evolution of the production progress procedures;
  • mixing, treatment and transformation processes; the management of the materials warehouse dedicated to the first powders through safe and guided procedures for the withdrawal of the components required by the production recipe;
  • traceability of lots and transformation processes;
  • collection of process and quality data, the audit trail and the batch report processing;
  • availability of a web-based system for easy sharing of production data.

Implemented Solution

The solution envisaged an integrated system with different levels of competence and functionality, based on a structured Lan and WiFi communications infrastructure, which allowed an effective sharing of data and the security of production continuity.

The areas involved in the integration were: 

  • the physical interface (In/Out) of the process plants, the control units (Plc)
  • the local HMI units, the supervision systems (Scada)
  • the MES system
  • the printers labels and PDA and Code Reader devices to support the unloading/loading operations of the raw materials warehouse and their management in production.


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