Fiorentini Alimentari

Fiorentini is one of the main European leaders for quality and production and is present in 55 countries around the world.  The new cutting-edge production center for automation and 4.0 technology has been operational since 2020, where certified organic raw materials of predominantly Italian origin are transformed into a range of over 200 products. It is the main producer of bread substitutes and snacks based on cereals, legumes and vegetables.


Primary targets to be achieved were:

  • Integrate tactical planning and executive management through the process orchestration
  • Integrate the planning of Brand and private label products
  • Coordinate a very strong order management dynamics (daily)
  • Model agile management of departmental declarations
  • Integrate all logistics management, including the automated warehouse and the automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Manage the complete traceability of materials along all phases of the production process
  • Manage breakdown and preventive maintenance.


The project involved the implementation of the following sedApta application modules:


At the end of the project, which took place over two years, Fiorentini obtained many benefits in terms of process, management, scheduling, data collection and analysis.




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