Founded in 1962, Fonderie Acciaierie Royale S.p.A (F.A.R.) is a leading company in the production of wear-resistant steel used as spare parts for crushing machines.

Customer satisfaction is the company mission, attentive to the market trends and demands, continuously updating and renewing materials and products.


F.A.R. expressed the need to implement an MES system for the monitoring of their production and the management of the collected data. There was a strong need for an accurate and automated time control, which until then had been carried out manually.

The main objectives were:

  • Container management and tracking
  • Definition of the production plan
  • Industry 4.0: bringing technological innovation into the company.


The project involved the implementation of the following sedApta application modules:


  • Decrease of order delays: the incidence of delay, meant as kg shipped late over total weight shipped, after the introduction of the MES has decreased by 30% compared to the previous situation
  • 15,000 containers handled every month: the traceability of containers and products is guaranteed at all stages
  • 450 surveys per month on the repairs done: detected data ensure endless improvement and quality…and many more…




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