EVOCA Group is a world-leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines and a major international player in both Ho.Re.Ca. and OCS sectors. Headquartered in Italy (Valbrembo – Bergamo), Evoca has a global presence with nine production sites and their products are used in more than 140 countries.

Main Objectives

  • Management of production progress directly by line operators in order to have visibility of the Work In Progress during all processes (rather than just for purposes round).
  • Traceability of batches or serials where possible, traceability “Struggling” (presumed link between distributor finished product and materials brought online and unloaded automatically from the warehouse management system of REPLICA SISTEMI) where not possible or anti-economic.
  • Multi-weekly order scheduling not only on finished product but also on sheet metal and assembly, with reduced production time between sheet metal work and final assembly (better estimating the times of production, reducing waiting times between the different process phases).
  • Improve warehouse management and supply of production lines

Implemented solution

The sedApta Suite’ Factory Scheduling  and Shop Floor Monitor solutions implemented on three departments, divided into three Italian plants, allowed Evoca to:

  • Order scheduling of finished & semi-finished products without constraints with materials, through the setting of specific priorities
  • According to a custom logic that simulates a pull behavior, as soon as the scheduling plan is released the priorities to be assigned to all backwards underlying semifinished orders are calculated
  • Based on the priorities obtained for parent orders (tinsmithery and pre-assembly), is possible to schedule a “forward” production by associating the bonds of the orders
  • The progress of production with the registration of serial/lots for traceability purposes
  • The progress of repairs and management of the handling: through the advancement of the repairs between the line and the repair center by managing and optimizing the repair status and the related ones causal (custom web application set up in the web portal of Shop Floor Monitor)
  • Integration in the machine production process in Industry 4.0 optics to automatically record the progress or even send the data needed for processing based on the scheduled work sequence
  • Integration with the electrical test system & functional, with the advancement of the processing phases only on past testing.


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