Davines S.p.A. has been working for nearly 25 years in the research and production of high quality hair care products using renewable energy resources, favoring precious and natural ingredients, always adopting the right scientific rigor, in order to guarantee maximum safety for consumers.

Main Objectives

  •  Improvement of scheduling efficiency and effectiveness (previously performed manually)
  • “Automatic” generation of work plans (for internal workings and C/L), taking into account the usability of the orders (coverage of the Odp with Raw Materials/Bulk/Packaging Material) and the delivery dates of the orders

Implemented solution

Factory Scheduling

Through Factory Scheduling it is possible to elaborate in a simple and effective way the operational plan with finite capacity for each productive resource:

  • Machines: machines, centers, lines
  • Tools: equipment, molds (formats)
  • Labor: teams

Factory Scheduling allows scheduling of operations based on resource calendars, order portfolio and work progress, with maximum operational efficiency and minimum Work In Progress, respecting commercial priorities and market constraints. Thanks to the extreme simplicity of use of its graphic interface, it allows the user to interact directly on Gantt diagrams, applying forcing, moving activities over time or on alternative resources.



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