Corse Composites Aéronautiques (C.C.A), is today recognized as one of the specialists in the development of complex parts in composite materials, for the aeronautics industry.

This success is the result of the expertise acquired on the families of products around which it is specialized: the front landing gear doors, the elements of wings or fuselage called “Karmans / Fairings” or the revolution parts of type “barrels” for the engine nacelles.

This “product specialization” enables CCA to provide high added value to its customers in terms of innovation, both in technical solutions chosen for the product and in the production processes to be implemented.


Recently, as part of an overall digital transformation effort, CCA conducted a supply chain redesign with a digital transformation lens. Through this process, CCA identified time wasting and errors that needed to be corrected. The company decided to invest in a common tool to avoid these sources of errors, data redundancy and improve the management of its supply chain.

The goal was to centralize everything in one tool, as well as the use and integration of data (pricing requirements, industry systems strategy, make or buy, performance assumptions, human and resource processes).


CCA decided to implement the Resource & Supply Planning (R&SP) module of the sedApta Suite, supported by the Orchestrate Support Analyze (OSA) platform; the deployment of this solution has enabled:

  • Generate a 3-year global plan with macro-ranges to analyze and anticipate the load of internal (CCA, CCAT) and external (PIAC) human and material resources, with a monthly or quarterly frequency
  • Generate an 18-month calendar with work orders and operations to analyze and anticipate the load on human resources only; with a weekly frequency
  • Simulation of production scenarios over different time frames
  • Modify planning results and visualize impacts
  • Distribution of indicators to all actors involved in the planning process
  • Deploy a multi-user, multi-level approach.


With the sedApta solution, it is now possible to do planning (calculations and requirements) up to 5 years for the S&OP process and to use Analytics to generate accurate reports.

The implementation of the Orchestration Process mechanism led to an overall improvement in communication between the teams involved in the R&SP and MRP processes.


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