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Candy is an international brand that offers a comprehensive range of practical, high performance, freestanding and built-in
appliances; skillfully combining the most advanced technologies with stylish Italian design. Throughout the decades Candy’s mission has always remained the same: to meet the needs of consumers with innovative, easy to use products that represent great value for money at affordable prices.

Main Objectives

  • Identify optimal distribution plan from sources to markets
  • Move forward the moment in which the shipment order is allocated to the logistic network to postpone containerization
  • Create a sales forecast on the logistics network nodes, starting from historical data and using mathematical algorithms
  • Propose forecast related to new products, based on logical similarities to existing items
  • Build a weekly-based forecast, according to historical curves or heuristic rules
  • Manage the user support in interaction with proposed data in forcing activities
  • Support the historical data characterization, identifying and managing (manually or automatically) the appropriate outliers
  • Manage the collaboration process among functions / users, in order to get the consensus forecast, through a highly configurable collaborative workflow.

Implemented solution

Candy chose the sedApta suite’s S&OP, Demand Management, Master planning, Distribution Deployment and Inventory management, in order to improve:

  • S&OP process management to check high level demand feasibility (medium-long term)
  • Sales forecasts generation on the logistic network nodes using mathematical algorithms and orchestrated collaborative workflow
  • Target stock generation according to the defined service level goals.


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