Besser TTS: Total Quality Manufacturing Solutions

In order to propose cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the logistic needs of its customers and to improve the critical management of production scheduling and control processes, Besser TTS has decided to confirm and expand the relationship with Atomos Hyla (a company of the sedApta Group present on the Italian market from 2001) extending the sedApta Suite’ Factory Scheduling and Shop Floor Monitor solutions to the sites of Hungary, Romania and Poland. The aim of the project was to make the production data for the various automated molding and assembly sites more efficient, by connecting directly to the production plants and commissioning a flexible and ergonomic panel user interface on the PC panel.


The Atomos Hyla solution integrates and completes the current Supply Chain organization of Besser, optimizing operations and providing OEE indicators as well as control parameters for the entire execution flow in real time.

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