Arpa Industriale

In the dynamic world of interior design materials, Arpa Industriale stands out as an industry benchmark and center of innovation and sustainability. Specializing in High Pressure Laminates and Innovative FENIX Materials, Arpa’s products find application in kitchens, furniture, retail furnishings and other interior surfaces.


As Arpa Industriale expands, a robust logistics solution becomes crucial. The implementation of “Smart Tracking” represents a paradigm shift in Arpa’s supply chain management, ensuring transparency, efficiency and real-time control.


The ‘Smart Tracking‘ solution includes a set of features designed to optimize shipment execution, seamlessly integrated with the company’s ERP (SAP). Automatic tracking updates and continuous communication with service providers are just the beginning.


Thanks to the sedApta solution, Arpa has achieved the following benefits:

  • Precise and real-time information on material arrival dates,
  • Flexibility, and quick access to information,
  • Ease of integration with the company’s existing ERPs.



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