Acqua Sant’Anna

Acqua Sant’Anna was founded in 1996 as the main brand of the company Acqua Sant’Anna S.p.A. The newly established plant marked an incomparable excitement out of which emerged the first Acqua Sant’Anna bottle.

The dedicated bottling lines are fully automated, each one capable of producing all bottle sizes from 0.25 to two liters (speeds from 54,000 up to 81,000 bottles per hour). The plant’s entire production capability has a potential of about 3.5 billion bottles/year.


The objective of the project is to install an MES system for sixteen bottling production lines in order to support: the progress of Work Orders, the analysis of the causes of breakdowns/downtimes, the processing and analysis of Line KPIs and OEEs, preliminary set up and quality control procedures using the system’s Check List, and the integrated management of asset maintenance.


The implemented solution, which is based on the verticalization of the sedApta Suite modules

A second project phase related to the implementation of the maintenance management product, Smart Asset Management, is planned to manage and set up scheduled and corrective maintenance activities of plant assets.


For Acqua Sant’Anna, the benefits associated with the implementation of the sedApta suite modules, translate into greater plant efficiency, thanks to a more complete and timely availability of data made available at all levels, including through customized dashboards.



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