Shop Floor Monitor

Shop Floor Monitor

Plant performances monitoring

Shop Floor Monitor is the sedApta Suite component for the collection, harmonization and standardization of data from field, regardless of their source or nature (3rd parties systems, digital signals, manuals declarations by operators, external plants monitoring systems, etc.). Each collected data or event is automatically standardized by the system, which guarantees real-time analysis and alerts on any collected information, providing data such as the calculation of KPI, OEE, MTBF and MTTR, which can be viewed on the operators’ terminals in order to produce high-level report.

It is made of three modules:

  • Shop Floor Control through real-time production status monitoring it is realized through the updating and control of production progress, the summarization of time and produced quantities, and the continuous updating of performance indicators.
  • Statistics and OEE Calculation through a multi-aggregation level engine based on OLAP cubes and data storing. Quality, Performance Productivity, Availability and other relevant KPIs are displayed and used in order to monitor production performance.
  • Event Management through an advanced alarm detection engine that promptly alerts relevant department supervisors, including quality, maintenance and material-handling personnel.

The main features that allows Demand Management to be the perfect tool for monitoring and reporting Your Performances are:

  • Monitor production processes by allowing real-time reactions to production disturbances and providing feedback to the business layer.
  • Aggregate 3rd parties systems data into contextualized KPIs and continuously check them against targets.
  • Normalize and harmonize your plant data streams.
  • Improve the communication between production, quality, logistics, and maintenance personnel, in order to minimize product transformation lead-time.
  • Manage the operational schedules and documentation of each production resource from planning to execution.

What are the Benefits?

  • Real-time reaction to production disturbances.
  • Continuous monitoring of production status and performance.
  • Production lead time reduction.
  • Production tracking recording.
  • Inter-operational and line buffer reduction.
  • Inventory-level and cost reduction.
  • Just-in-time material handling.
  • Shipping process improvement.

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