Process Orchestration, Support & Analytics

O.S.A. is a sedApta Suite's innovative platform made of three components for Process Orchestration, Performance Support and Analytics providing to its users new “capabilities” supporting and orchestrating Supply Chain Management and Change Management.

Specifically, it is made of: Orchestrator, Skillaware, Analytics and integrates all the components of the sedApta Suite and it can be easily integrated with 3rd party software.

It allows the creation of the Digital Twin of a company manufacturing processes, supporting the organization in a structured, extended and connected network through the entire supply chain and ‘down’ to the factory floor.

Via O.S.A., sedApta is able to provide sedApta Suite components within a modular environment, support the interoperability and coordinates and orchestrates complex business flows, multi-role situations, in a multi-product space.

The O.S.A. Suite helps You to continuously redesign your processes with Flexibility and Profitability, increasing your levels of:

  • AGILITY in responding promptly to the new needs of always more dynamic markets.
  • INTEROPERABILITY among all applications involved in the Supply Chain Management processes, both third parties as well as the components of the sedApta Suite.
  • ADAPTABILITY to new business and production models in order to satisfy more and faster the customization needs.

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