Process Control

Process control is by definition, the set of actions that enables a company to constantly maintain and monitor the production process, having as its goal the achievement of the desired production level.

The assembly stages are key parts of the production process. Nowadays the high variability of products, combined with the ever-increasing evolution of technologies and systems, make assembly one of the main processes where control remains a strategic hub for many companies.

What does process control mean?

Process control is a commonly used method of analysis in logistics and manufacturing. Its main function is to perform and monitor one or more industrial processes in order to identify anomalies and errors, thus ensuring the elimination of inefficiencies.

By means of equipment and sensors in the work center, process control systems monitor the status of operational cycles and analyze data produced in processes such as goods handling or mass production. Companies utilize sensors and other automated devices to avoid errors derived from manual handling.

Why is it important to perform process controls?

The process control system is usually applied in automated production lines, where items are produced without any interruption. More and more companies are implementing a process control method to ensure the highest quality of their products.

Therefore, a process control system helps companies to:-

  • Optimize energy costs
  • Increase installation safety
  • Ensure quality standards
  • Decrease manufacturing costs.

How is the process control structured?

A process control system is activated by installing measuring instruments within a production process. The goal of this system is to gather information about the status of production processes and intervene when levels are beyond the limits set by the Production Manager.

More and more companies are using automated controllers to run and monitor the performance of their processes to eliminate errors in production line management.

The use of tools such as sensors or processors helps not only to maintain quality standards in production, but also to reduce production costs for the company, a key fact for logistics and Industry 4.0.

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