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May 6, 2019

Press Release

Atomos Hyla is born!

A brand new consulting company born from the aggregation of Atomos FT, Hyla Soft and Sintec!

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Apr 3, 2018

Press Release

sedApta is pleased to announce the creation of sedApta concept GmbH

Starting from April, the 1st 2018 sedApta concept will continue the TXTMake business, distributing TXTMake products under license, providing maintenance and support services as well as professional services and making further product developments.

Sed Apta Sintec

Jan 30, 2018

Press Release

SINTEC joined the sedApta Group!

SINTEC S.R.L. joined the sedApta Group to expand and integrate the offer of products and software solutions for supply chain management of manufacturing industries.

Sed Academy 4 0

Jan 29, 2018

Press Release

sedApta Academy opening: the talent school for Industry 4.0

On January 23rd, in the unique panorama of the Annunciation Abbey in the Sestri Levante’s Silence Bay was launched the sedApta Academy Industry 4.0. The event was a great success that hosted over 150 participants. 

Replica Sistemi

Nov 30, 2017

Press Release

Replica Sistemi becomes sedApta Business Partner!

sedApta is pleased to welcome Replica Sistemi as new value- adding business Partner!

Sed Advenco

Oct 25, 2017

Press Release
Sed Osys

Oct 5, 2017

Press Release

The sedApta Group acquires Osys, French leader for MES

Thanks to the acquisition of Osys, the French leader for MES, the sedApta group sets its sights on the French market and completes its offering in the Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain space.

Pr Eng

Oct 5, 2017

Press Release

Engineering acquires Hyla Soft Inc. & Infinity TS

Engineering acquires Hyla Soft Inc. (North America) and Infinity Technology Solutions from sedApta Group.

Skillaware Su Sfm

Mar 3, 2017

Press Release

Skillaware on sedApta's Shop Floor Monitor

The Skillaware Platform has been succesfully implemented on sedApta's Shop Floor Monitor!

Skillaware 4 Sap

Feb 10, 2017

Press Release

Skillaware on SAP

The Skillaware platform has been successfully implemented on SAP!