Sales & Operation Planning

Optimizing Sales & Operational Planning is, in today’s demand-driven markets, key to enable companies to reach their business goals.

This means creating a structure that supports a cooperative management of planning processes for inventory, demand, supply, and production, by granting to each function ample visibility and the capability to intervene over each plan.

If your company aims to achieve “best-in-class” performance and surpass the industry competition, it must be able to implement an efficient business S&OP process, which will only be as effective as the technology it utilizes.

sedApta's Orchestrate S&OP: value creation across the planning horizon

The sedApta S&OP Software Suite is a new generation Sales and Operations Planning software platform developed to support your company in satisfying these needs by increasing business agility, collaboration and orchestration among functions.

With a set of orchestrated product components that can seamlessly work together with each other and with 3rd party software solutions, the sedApta Suite is capable of transforming your existing S&OP processes above and beyond a ERP-and-Spreadsheet-centric planning approach towards optimal S&OP development and excellence.

Thanks to the modularity of its components the sedApta S&OP Software Suite is indeed able to support interoperability and coordinate and orchestrate complex business flows and multi-role situations, in a multi-product space.

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