Industry 4.0 & Change Management

Creating a Smart Factory means adopting an open and interconnected infrastructure that allows for the management and monitoring of all company process in real-time, and that will support the definition and the implementation of orchestrated solutions, in the context of the fourth industrial revolution, defined today as the Industry 4.0. These solutions can contribute in a decisive way to the creation of added value for the company, on the condition of supporting the company and its users in the right way and at the right moment.

Adopting instruments such us microprocessors, cloud technologies, new generation control systems, software applications and sensors (IoT) and Integration standards is however not enough to make a factory “smart”. The integration and orchestration of these enabling technologies in the context of the different company processes becomes therefore the key point for companies that want to create factories that possess a “system intelligence” that will guarantee the ability to make prompt decisions based on reliable information.

Smart Manufacturing Technologies can be applied to all industrial and manufacturing processes. To better understand what role these technologies can play we need to look at the three areas where they can be applied:

  • Process Orchestration: refers to the optimization of business processes and flows, whether related to the development of a new product, the management of a product life cycle or to the management of suppliers.
  • Smart Supply Chain: includes planning of physical and financial flows for widened logistics and production systems, all driven by an "assembly & configure to order" logic.
  • Smart Factory: includes all those processes that are at the heart of manufacturing: production, internal logistics, maintenance and quality.

Orchestrate means therefore integrate and manage these technologies in the context of a system that will guarantee optimization across all the company activities, both in terms of Sales & Operation Planning and Shop Floor activities, and in terms of satisfying the needs of a supply chain and a market strictly “demand-driven”.

sedApta's Solution for Change Management in Industry 4.0

The sedApta suite, born from more than 30 years of industrial experience of Nicim products, has been designed and developed to be an integrated and orchestrated set of modules.

These modules work together to optimize processes along the entire supply chain, starting with accurate strategic and tactical planning, and then improving the scheduling based on the availability of resources within the factory itself. In the modern ecosystem, the more companies are able to have their own resources (systems, departments, people, and information) and its optimization tools interconnect and cooperate among each other, the more they will be able to achieve significant and sustainable competitive advantages.

The SedApta Suite offers different products for the management of S&OP processes and for the synchronization of plant activities. All modules are furthermore supported by the innovative O.S.A. ecosystem, for orchestration of processes, “work force" support, and performance analysis.

The O.S.A. architecture helps move the company towards a continuous improvement of business processes and, at the same time, supports change, a key factor in an era of strong technological innovation and in the Industry 4.0 context. A Smart Factory cannot begin but from those that are the three key elements for success: people, technologies and processes.

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