Industry 4.0 & Change Management

Internet of things, Services & People

At factory level Industry 4.0 involve the productive process, its efficiency and productivity. Thanks to its increased ability to interconnect and to allow all the productive resources (physical assets and people, both inside and outside the factory) to cooperate, Industry 4.0 is changing Manufacturing facilities, in terms of:

  • Industrial Internet: machines, devices and people that connect and communicate with one another.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Integration: cross-company data integration based on data transfer standards precondition for a fully automated value chain (from supplier to customer, from management to shop floor).
  • Simulation: simulation of value networks. Optimization based on real-time data from intelligent systems.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Solutions: autonomous, cooperating industrial robots. Numerous integrated sensors and standardized interfaces.
  • Performance Support: the ability of the systems to support humans in making decisions and solving problems.
  • Big data & Analytics: full evaluation of available data (e.g., from ERP, SCM, MES, CRM, and machine data). Real-time decision-making support and optimization.

sedApta_Industry 4.0

sedApta approaches to industry 4.0: extended connectivity of end-to-end supply chain and factory processes.

Horizontal end-to-end Supply Chain connectivity: connect and collaborate in real time, overcoming the silo syndrome, including collaboration with suppliers, outsource manufacturers, and customers.

Vertical process-to-factory connectivity: the integration of disconnected technologies, people, manufacturing activities improve drastically the operation execution, scheduling and optimization.

O.S.A.: integrates all the components of the sedApta Suite and it can be easily integrated with 3rd party software.

The O.S.A. platform helps move Your company towards a continuous improvement of business processes and, at the same time, supports change, a key factor in an era of strong technological innovation and in the Industry 4.0 context.

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