Technord becomes sedApta Business Partner!

sedApta is pleased to welcome Technord as new value-adding Business partner!

Technord is a global systems integrator, with headquarter in Belgium, specialized in electrical engineering combining different disciplines from high-voltage electricity to industrial IT systems and MES/MoM, including new technologies for Industry 4.0, to provide customers with guaranteed optimum productivity and flexibility for their industrial processes. Technord has chosen sedApta to further strengthen its strategy for being the right partner for manufacturing companies that want to compete in a rapidly changing market. Together, we can provide manufacturing companies with technologies and business models in line with the digital transformation that is changing the way people work in factories. 

"We are excited to add the Technord to our ecosystem of partners that side with us every day to bring the digital evolution to leading manufacturing companies. Together we will develop an integrated offer of solutions and services for the Supply Chain Management that will support our customers in the evolution path towards the Industry 4.0."  says Mr. Giorgio Cuttica, President of sedApta.

“As a family-run company with a long-term and lasting reputation, we make it a point of honour to initiate and support real and loyal partnerships that are win-win and innovative on the long-term.We have found Sedapta a partner of choice that will further strengthen our position as a major player in the Industry 4.0 environment wherever we are present. We are really thrilled to start this partnership and very enthusiastic about it!” Says Mr. Philippe Foucart, CEO of Technord.

About Technord

Technord is highly invested in the Industry 4.0 approach to help its customers prevail over their rivals by offering innovative services to the industry. The longevity of our plants, courtesy of Industry 4.0, involves the introduction of new skills in the fields of advanced automation, industrial IT and MES/MoM, as well as in digital simulation, big data and relevant data analysis, cloud computing, industrial IoT, mobility and cybersecurity.

Founded in 1945 in Tournai (Belgium), where its head office still stands, the TECHNORD group currently employs approximately 480 people and boasts a turnover of around 75 million euros. The TECHNORD group is active all over the world and is developing its international presence through its subsidiaries. 

The TECHNORD group has received the highest level of certification from manufacturers among the international market leaders. Through Industry 4.0, Technord is contributing to the creation of a competitive, sustainable industry that creates value, a clean industry allocating human work its rightful place.