INDUSTRY 4.0.From the factory, to the digital chain

This year, sedApta supports the research "INDUSTRY 4.0. From the factory, to the digital chain" promoted by the RISE Laboratory, University of Brescia.

The goal is to go beyond the words Enterprise 4.0 / Industry 4.0, understanding what this new industrial revolution is about. The first edition of the research is carried out in the 2014-2015 biennium, under the title "The Digital Manufacturing Revolution." 

The second edition was held in the following two-year period 2016-2017, with the title of "Impresa 4.0 The digital transformation of manufacturing". Now the laboratory has seen a whole logistic-productive supply chain of companies, coming out from the confines of the department and also including non-specific manufacturing processes. 

The objective (ambitious) is to contact any manufacturing company with at least one manufacturing plant in Italy, mapping the state of the art of the phenomenon 4.0, capturing the evolutionary guidelines and designing (the eventual) path of maturation of Italian companies. 

In fact, the feeling is that Italy has been taken from almost an old year of an industrial plan, for the diffusion and adoption of new technologies, there are still many companies that demonstrate enabled by the widespread, integrated and synergistic application of these new technological tools and, consequently, the share of companies already 4.0 or on the way to this configuration is limited. The latest data are a not entirely positive trend: the measures of the Industry 4.0 Plan have been implemented by 50% of large companies, 35% of the medium and only 20% of small companies that foresee in number the Italian manufacturing ecosystem. 

Paraphrasing the famous phrase "Made Italy, you have make the Italians", we could say that the manufacturing system is in the situation "Made 4.0 technologies, you need to create skills". 

Starting from October, the online questionnaire is active (only in italian) with which the RISE laboratory is collecting the surveys of all companies, from their sector and from their size. 

In order to support companies it is crucial to be able to map the state of the art of the Enterprise 4.0 phenomenon, overcoming slogans or media proclamations, empirically measuring how the companies believe in this new technological-organizational paradigm.