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Axioma & sedApta: a Successful Partnership!

Since 1979, Axioma Group has been developing leading software for the manufacturing sector. Today, Axioma and sedApta have renewed this joint commitment to deliver solutions that push the industry forward. The goal of the partnership is to drive business models in line with digital transformation that are able to ensure efficient management of production across all supply chain processes. Careful strategic and tactical planning will then improve detailed scheduling based on the availability of resources within the factory itself.

"We are excited to renew our partnership with Axioma Group, with whom we are developing an integrated supply chain of products and services that will support our customers in their evolutionary path towards 'Industry 4.0'," said Dr. Francesco Cauvin, Senior Vice President of the sedApta Group.
In fact, all products and solutions offered by Axioma and sedApta are included in the Industry Funding National Plan 4.0. 

"With this partnership, Axioma wants to prove to be a reference point for its customers, always providing them the best in terms of innovation and cutting-edge technologies with regard to business processes. sedApta's solutions represent the precise answer to the need of an evolving industry," said Dr. Andrea Maserati, President of Axioma Group.

About Axioma

Since 1979 Axioma projects, develops and distributes software and services to companies operating in Manufacturing  and Fashion industries. Axioma supplies products and services related to IT infrastructure and cloud to ensure customers reliability and security. ERP, CPQ, Sales Force Automation, Business Intelligence and CRM are some of its products and solutions.